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Mediterranean Woman Female Body Ceramic Candle Holder

Mediterranean Woman Female Body Ceramic Candle Holder

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We call this handmade ceramic candle holder as ‘Mediterranean Woman 

By appreciating all the imperfections of it, we love female body curves both in real life and ceramics art. Our Mediterranean Woman Vase can be used as dried floral vase, candle holder or just a decorative vase to create your boho home decor. It can be perfect body positive gift. Its beige color is easy to match with other colors and decoration styles. 

Approximately dimensions: 21cm x11 cm
Color: Beige
-Candle is not included.
-In this handmade ceramics collection, each pieces are hand-shaped by me. Therefore, they will have perfect imperfections. That's what makes hand shaped pieces so unique!
-After being thrown and trimmed the clay needs to dry for a few weeks before being high fired in the kiln at 1000° degree celsius, then cleaned, glazed, then ready for one last fire at 1240° degree Celsius.
-Food, dishwasher, microwave safe.

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