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Festival Fashion Outfit Guide

There are a couple of things in life that make our souls happy. Art performances are unquestionably a unique little something. For me festivals spin around the music, the air, the companions, the style and obviously the moving! We're as of now well into the festival season.

Major music festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, South By South West, Pitchfork Music Festival excite us! In these festivals that gather thousands of free-spirited people every year, everyone gets the opportunity to express themselves by dressing freely.

In these festivals where boho chic clothing is especially preferred, you can set yourself free and create combinations as you wish. However, you are likely to be unsure about how to create a style in such a wide area of freedom.

Festival fashion, in which boho clothes are generally preferred, is created with glittery makeup. In addition to flashy makeup, colorful and gypsy style jewelry are also indispensable for the festival fashion.

There are some basic elements that you must include when creating your festival style. We have compiled some of these elements for you. Thanks to these ideas that you can adapt to all music festivals, you can complete your festival clothing ideally. Here are some ideas:

Fringe Is Everything

The fringe detailed pieces that we are used to seeing in the festival photos can give you the hippie and western style you want. Especiallly, you can use in festivals fringe denim jackets or 70's tassel fringe jackets. You can use fringe in anything you want: fringe in dress, bag, bikini, or cowboy boots! Make sure it will make you look pretty cool! 

Blue Suede Fringe Vintage Embroidery Loose Denim Jacket - chicbohostyle

Ripped Denim Shorts

This item is absolutely a "must be"! Ripped denim shorts that you can use with everything save your life during the festival!

Ripped Denim Shorts - Chicbohostyle

Fedora Hats

Fedora hats are one of the easiest ways to reflect your style. You can add a western look to your style using this accessory. If you have a wide brim fedora hat, you're ready to be the coolest woman in the festival!

 Classical Wide Brim Fedora Hat - chicbohostyle

Upper Arm Cuffs

There's just something that seems so divine about upper arm cuffs! This accessory, which helps you reflect the gypsy spirit, can be preferred in herbal or geometric shapes. You can choose accessories that use sea-like icons such as starfish shell upper arm cuff at beach festivals. Olive leaf, especially identified with Roman culture, suits this accessory very well. You can feel like the Roman queen during the festival by using an olive leaf upper arm bracelet!


Crochet Clothes

Crochet knitted outfits are a must for festivals! You can also choose crochet shorts, which are very useful in the warmth of the summer environment, to have a sexy look. Create a free and sexy style with crochet tops or hand knitted cardigans that show your inner!

Boho Crochet Summer Shorts - Chicbohostyle

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are extremely nice and timeless pieces! Denim jackets, which you can prefer especially in the festivals held in the fall and spring, can be combined with both dresses and other clothes!

Hippie Style Folk Appliques Ethnic Denim Jacket - Chicbohostyle

Body Jewelry

In order to attract attention and be original, you should go beyond the classic accessories and jewelry! Be brave and express in your body jewelry! Also, Belly chain is required for the bikini style clothes in summer festivals!

Water Drop Stone Belly Chain Body Jewelry - Chicbohostyle

Crop Tops

Show some belly with a crop top if you can, if not, combine it with a high waisted shorts or skirt. Be generous to show the curves of your body! So you can impress everyone around you.

Festival Fashion - Chicbohostyle


Kimonos have finally become widespread and loved! No other outfit is as useful and easy to combine as kimonos! You can use extremely stylish, colorful and floral kimonos with different shorts, trousers, crop tops or bikinis.


Mesh Fabrics

A trend that I loved since it first started. A top with a transparent back is the easiest way to wear this trend. I do however also love the see-though tops with lace details. I also love printed mesh tops because having different patterns on my skin provides a very sweet look. For example, you can provide this feeling with sun moon stars transparent blouse or floral lace slim mesh top, which is very compatible with boho style.

Sexy Mesh Bikini Beach Cover Up - Chicbohostyle

Lace Dresses

Nothing much to say about lace dresses! Thanks to the elegance of lace and the excitement of your accessories, you can be an extremely stylish festival girl!

White Lace Slash Neck Petal Sleeve Vintage Maxi Dress - Chicbohostyle


Wear it on your head, on your kimono or wherever you want. This perfectly ties in with the bohemian atmosphere at festivals and, well, who doesn’t like a dress-up party? I especially advise that floral headband or crochet knitted daisy crop top that gives you floral vibes in best way!

Festival Fashion Outfit Guide - Chicbohostyle
Boho Bags

Another trend that has resurrected from the 90’s. Go for leather bag pieces or for full on nostalgia take your fringe backpack with you. You can easily use straw bags that stand out as a great accessory for summer festivals on the beach!

Handwoven Round Rattan Bag - Chicbohostyle

Cowboy Boots or Dicker Boots

Boots are perfect to protect your feet from mud and people stepping on them. Comined with the above items it is also just very cool.


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